Vital Max Keto The peppers contain a compound called captain. "This active acts in the release of endorphins, substances that promote well-being, in addition to releasing chatelaines, neurotransmitters responsible for decreased appetite, can be used by those who want to lose localized fat and reduce intense hunger," says Karina Valentin. Studies show that administration of captain stimulates the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, increasing lipid mobilization of adipose tissue. And include 0.9 g of red pepper in the main meals already presents health benefits. Food can be consumed raw or in hot dishes Cinnamon : Cinnamon has a thermionic action when introduced into the food, increasing the body's caloric expenditure during digestion and the metabolic process. It also has an anti-inflammatory action, important for individuals who are overweight (chronic inflammation). Cinnamon still has good amounts of chromium, a nutrient responsible for improving insulin sensitivity and controlling blood glucose.
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