by on September 28, 2018
I have always been impressed with those affiliate marketers who can send out an email and make tens of thousands of dollars from one product promotion. I mean they write an email with a great headline Authentic Magic Johnson Jersey , they write a few follow up emails to be sent out at predetermined intervals to help entice those who did not purchase on the first email.
The next thing you know their bank account is a whole lot fatter than it was before. Fatter at least as far as common people are concerned. Most super affiliates probably think they made a good days pay. Most common people which include beginner marketers would jump out of their boots to make that much money that quickly. How do they do it? With an autoresponder.
Some of you who are new to this may like me to answer what is an autoresponder? Autoresponders are programs that automatically respond to your emails without so much as having to click on your mouse. An autoresponder can come in a few different types. One type is known as a service. A service usually is purchased monthly and is stored on that service s server. This system is great for beginners and pros alike. It is easy to use and has a professional look about them.
Some autoresponder services offer a free autoresponder but they have advertisements go out in the email you send. This is not very professional looking. The autoresponder services usually require a comfirmation for the user to be added to your list. This may seem harder to get prospects to join your list but it is important for spam laws. Besides, it gives you a more targeted and devoted list.
The paid and free services usually have backup servers in case something goes wrong with the main server. This helps protect your list from getting lost.
Another type of autoresponder system is a script that you can load on your own server. Some pro s use this type of program which gives them more control. They can eliminate the need for the prospect to confirm joining their list in their email.
Another autoresponder program is available free in most hosting accounts. You do not have much flexibility with these autoresponders. They are OK for simple messages but I would not suggest this type if you are planning to be competitive on the internet.
Let me give you an example of an autoresponder and how it works. I will use a specific service in order to make it easier for you to follow along and for me to explain. You have a website or blog and you want to begin to start a list. You open your aweber account and click on list, then click on create and manage list Authentic Kobe Bryant Jersey , then create a new list. You fill in all the necessary information to start a list. The service will walk you through it.
Now you have your list made up in Aweber. Now add your follow up message. It could be your newsletter, your free ebook, a free report Authentic LeBron James Jersey , whatever useful information you have that someone would want to join your list.
Now you click on web forms and create web form. Aweber will walk you through this process. You copy your html code and place the html snippet on your website or blog in the appropriate location.
Now your ready to grow your list. When people fill out their name and email on your website or blog, your autoresponder service will ask them to confirm their information by clicking a link in an email it sends out. When the subscriber confirms the service collects their information and automatically sends them your follow up letter you had previously loaded.
Whenever you have something important you wish to send out to the people you have collected on your list you just login to your autoresponder account and write up the information which could include affiliate links or products you have. You can now send that information to your entire list by pressing the send button. As your list grows you can see how an autoresponder can take your internet business to the next level.
Now you know how an auto responder works, it is time for you to take action. This is the most important step. Doing it. It is time to start building your list. Start your newsletter Brandon Ingram Jersey , write a great report that your website visitors would find very useful. Write a great ebook or have it written for you. There are always PLR products you can purchase and rewrite to make them your own.
Just find something your visitors will be glad to give you their information for. Get yourself an autoresponder account and start collecting email addresses. Grow your Business.
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