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Kashmir Jason Pierre-Paul Buccaneers Jersey , with its divine natural beauty is the heart of India tourist Kashmir has been tagged as ?Heaven on Earth?, due to its unmatched natural beauty and tranquility with thousands of tourists every year to grab its beauty. .With its natural magical beauty, it seems as the best art ever painted by the greatest painter of the world. The azure sky, blossoming gardens, picturesque valley Vinny Curry Buccaneers Jersey , snow carpeted mountains, gurgling waterfalls, talkative rivers, romantic environment, fruits orchards and picturesque vitas gives a heavenly look to Kashmir. One who comes here definitely falls in love with its mesmerizing beauty.
Kashmir is endowed with many charming and fascinating destinations that are worth visiting and exploring of Kashmir tours and travels. Some of the mind blowing tourist attractions in Kashmir are briefly described below:
A matchless tourist spot of the world Chandler Catanzaro Buccaneers Jersey , Gulmarg is a Beautiful hill resort in Kashmir. It is famous for its scenic beauty and known as the meadow of Flower. One can have a cable car and play the winter sport especially the ski sports. It is also is also famous for housing the highest golf course in the world
Dal Lake
Dal Lake, one of the icons of the Kashmir tourism. Its picturesque views and the splendid sight of the surrounding never fail to lure visitors. This mesmerizing picturesque view of the quite lakes gives some unforgettable memories, which remain evergreen with them. The ice capped mountains and the splendid views of the natural surrounding will make the visitors more indulging into its beauty. The houseboats are always ready to take tourism in a peaceful and romantic cruise providing the view of the picturesque surrounding. Enjoying a wonderful and memorable cruise over the Dal Lake provides visitors with unforgettable moments to cherish their Kashmir tour package for lifetime.
Patnitop is a beautiful hill resort of Kashmir Valley laden with natural beauty, fresh water springs, flourishing green landscape and picturesque vistas. With its trekking options and adventure sports Ryan Jensen Buccaneers Jersey , it becomes a most preferred spot for adventure lovers and during the winter season this fascinating hill stations gets covered with thick sheets of snow.
Sonamarg or else ?Golden Meadows ? as also famously known ,one can get lured with the mesmerizing natural beauty and encircled with snow covered mountains. Endowed with lush green forest, picturesque vistas, emerald green meadow, etc Sonamarg makes its tourist to stare its beauty. The golden color is reflected on its land John Lynch Buccaneers Jersey , as the sun rays falling on the snow capped mountains, thus giving it a golden look.
Infertility is a couple?s inability to conceive a child after 12 months of unprotected sex. It is widely assumed that infertility has more to do with women rather than men, however it is not so. Estimates suggest that 30% of infertility is caused by male factors, another 30% is caused by female factors and the remaining 40% is caused by a combination of female and male factors. Men also suffer from infertility due to genetic reasons, lifestyle Mike Alstott Jersey , hormonal imbalance, and age.
Let?s take a look at the cause, diagnosis, and possible treatments available.
Rapid urbanization has changed the way men eat, drink Carlton Davis Jersey , and sleep and that has taken a toll on their health. Consumption of alcohol, smoking, drugs, unhealthy eating patterns, stress and obesity are believed to be the common causes for infertility. Being overweight or underweight may also prove to be risk factors. A recent study also suggests that external factors like pollution can also infiltrate male reproductive organs. However M.J. Stewart Jersey , you can reduce the risk by a proper exercise and a healthy diet.
Some of the factors that play an important role in male infertility are: Sperm Motility, Sperm Morphology, and Sperm Count. Usually a semen analysis is conducted to diagnose the cause which includes the following:
Sperm motility:
Sperm motility is the ability of sperms to move towards the egg which results in its fertilization. Sperm which do not properly swim will not reach the egg in order to fertilize it.
Sperm count:
Sperm count is the quantity of sperms or cells, the more the sperms more are the chances of normal pregnancy. A healthy sperm count should total about 20 million sperm per milliliter and the normal semen volume per ejaculation is 2 ml. Azoospermia is a condition in which there is complete absence of sperm. It can also be congenital. Correctible causes must be found and treated. Even then if there are no sperm in the ejaculate, sperm can often be harvested and used to achieve fertilization.
Sperm morphology:
Sperm morphology refers to the size and shape (form) of an individual sperm which is evaluated during semen analysis. According to WHO manual of 1989 Ronald Jones II Jersey , morphology is considered normal if it is around 30% or more.
Deficiency of any of these factors can result in infertility.
If you are facing infertility that does not means that your parental hopes have become extinct. Infertility is a common problem among men and fortunately these days, treatment options are available. If the cause is diagnosed at an early stage your chances of success are more as age plays an important role in infertility treatment. Modern scientific technologies like ART, ICSI, and IUI have made the treatment easy. However, this treatment can be very expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. Today inexpensive methods are also available without any compromise on the treatment and methodology.
Always remember that infertility can be cured like any other disease and it does not mean that your masculinity is at stake. By being fit you can fight infertility.
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